A suitable techniques of relieving mental distress

Relieving mental distress is a very challenging option for researchers. There have a very certain cause of developing distress in mind. When distress for a long time turned into severe it forms as anxiety and depression. According to Sigmund Fruied, The confliction between two mind unconscious and conscious develops a defence mechanism which ultimately develops mental distress.
Researcher followed a technique to incorporate unconscious mind into our aware conscious mind. This technique is called Free association.
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 Free association

How you can easily understand someones behavior

Behaviour is a complex term. It is difficult to understand easily. Researcher tried to uncover human behavior and choice.
Different people have different behavior and choice.
Researcher have found perceprion that attend without our consciouns mind have a relationship with behavior. Researcher have done a techniques is called continuous flash suppressing.
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Continuous flash suppression

Positive thinking

 Positive thinking means thinking about something in positive manner. It drives any individuals to accept anything positively. Positive thinking creates opportunity. It make courages to people. If someone ask you, how are you? Whatever you are you should answer positively, very fine. Nothing will happen if you say that you are not good. Rather, it will create anxiety and depression. But if continuously reply as very fine, once a day will come you will able to believe that you are always fine. In psychoanalytic model we find how in human mind anxiety and depression is creates. We can simply overcome the risk of being depressed according to psycjoanalytic model if we convert us as positive thinkers. Ambition is an aspacts that leads someone to greater success. No ambition then no vision is created. Positive thinking leads a people to drive ambition. Such ambition leads to industry. Industry leads to success. If someone thinks as anything is possible, that leads him to make ambition to win it. Otherwise, he will just leave it. Just a half glass of water, otherwise a half empty glass whatever you can explain. Both two of the explanation can give by a positive thinker or negative thinker. If any positive thinker looks the glass as half empty he will look an opportunity to feel rest of the glass with water. Positive thinking drives to acquire knowledge and skill, because to win the game knowledge and skill is necessary.

Delay gratification have a relation with positive thinking. These who are found as positive thinkers are found to show delay gratification in life.